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Nonprofit Matters

January 2010

2010: Daunting Challenges Face the Nonprofit World

The nonprofit world is about to face the toughest year in its history. By every measure, 2010 could be far more painful for charities and the people they serve than any other they have known.

Already many charities have been weakened by one of the longest recessions America has witnessed.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy's annual ranking of the 400 charities that raise the most money found that, by year's end, the nation's top organizations expect a median decline of 9 percent in donations, meaning half will see giving drop even more starkly.

Read the full article here.

Realted article

10 Emerging Forces in 2010

Moments of Greatness: Entering the Fundamental State of Leadership

by Robert E. Quinn
Leaders are at the top of their game when they act from their deepest values and instincts. Usually they tap into these fundamental qualities during a crisis, but it’s possible to do so anytime—in the right frame of mind.

As leaders, sometimes we’re truly “on,” and sometimes we’re not. Why is that? What separates the episodes of excellence from those of mere competence? In striving to tip the balance toward excellence, we try to identify great leaders’ qualities and behaviors so we can develop them ourselves. Nearly all corporate training programs and books on leadership are grounded in the assumption that we should study the behaviors of those who have been successful and teach people to emulate them.

Read the full text here.

What We're Reading

The Pollyanna Principles
by Hildy Gottlieb
We can create the future we want for our communities!

Drawing on her extensive experience in the field, the “nonprofit” sector’s respected contrarian - veteran consultant and author Hildy Gottlieb - debunks everything you thought was true about creating “effective organizations.”

    * Can governance aim organizations at creating community change?
    * Can an individual organization's planning really create a different future for a whole   community?
    * Can the way we raise money make a difference in our communities (Not the money we raise, but the actual fundraising efforts themselves)?

Hildy's answer: Yes!

Access the first three chapters of the book here.

BoardSource’s “Transformative Governance” series.

From “The New Future of Governance” by Linda C. Crompton, President & CEO, BoardSource

Because the board is the main entity responsible for supervising and guiding the work of the organization, and good governance is the mechanism that enables the board to be successful in designing the organization’s future, it is the board that must transform itself in order to transform the organization and, indeed, society itself. There has never been a greater need for revitalizing the role of boards and for establishing a new framework for board leadership and never a more urgent time to do it. Today, we issue an invitation to board members and aspiring board members to commit to "transformative governance." The time to embrace it is now.

Access the full artile and related resources here.

Broward County Inspiring Philanthropy over 25 years