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Types of Funds

Simple, Flexible, Personal

There is no single reason philanthropists come to the Community Foundation of Broward to create a Fund. Rather, there are many. We are one solution to the diverse personal wishes and circumstances for the more than 700 Fundholders who have partnered with the Foundation. 

The Community Foundation of Broward offers you a variety of Fund types to choose from, depending upon how you want your Fund to impact our community and reflect your values:

Unrestricted Fund

If you want your Fund to respond to emerging and changing needs within our community forever, consider establishing an unrestricted Fund. This Fund type allows the foundation to determine where your gift can make the most impact in our community.


Field of Interest Fund

If you hold a particular issue close to your heart, for example, healthcare, by establishing a field of interest Fund you will be assured that your gift will be used to address issues within the broad area of concern you identified.


Designated Fund

A designated Fund allows you to focus your grant making on specific charitable organizations. By creating this type of Fund, you can be assured that the organizations you specify will have a permanent revenue stream to support their missions.


Scholarship Fund

By forming a scholarship Fund, you will be providing students with the means they need to achieve higher learning.


Donor Advised Fund

By establishing a donor advised Fund, you will have the privilege of periodically recommending organizations and projects you feel are worthy of grants.


Agency Endowment Fund

If a charitable organization you are involved with wants to protect the contributions it receives and take advantage of the benefits of a diversified investment portfolio, you can advise them to consider forming an agency endowment Fund. This type of Fund frees the charity from the responsibility of IRS auditing and reporting and allows it to concentrate on its mission.

Broward County Community Foundation
Broward County Community Foundation
Broward County Inspiring Philanthropy over 25 years