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2013 For Good Awards                              

for those who make a difference forever


Frequently Asked Questions and Tips for a Strong Nomination



Q: Who can submit nominations? 
A: Nominations are welcome from any individual or organization with knowledge of a candidate. You can nominate someone or you can nominate yourself.
Q: Must the nominee be 60 years old or older at the time of the nomination? 
A: Yes, the nominee must be at least 60 in 2012, but could have embarked on the venture within the past fifteen years. There is no maximum age for nominees.
Q: Does the nominee have to be retired?
A: Yes, the nominee must be retired from a primary career.  Nominees should be devoting their energy to impact a social problem in what is called an ‘encore career.’  The purpose of the For Good Awards is to highlight the exceptional impact this new kind of retiree is making in our community. 
Q: What is considered an Encore Career?  What if the nominee raised a family? 
A: An Encore career is defined as an activity, initiative or effort undertaken after retirement from an initial career path, in the second half of life. An encore career is not the continuation of an existing career path or merely a career change. If the nominee raised a family in the first half of life, that was his or her career.  Encore careers combine personal meaning and social impact with work in the second half of life.
Q: What if the nominee is not a volunteer?
A: That’s okay. We are looking for diverse pools of nominees working to achieve meaning and impact. The nominee can be working as a volunteer, receiving a stipend, or be paid a salary.

Q: Can the nominee have received recognition or honors in his or her field already? 
A: Yes, but in general we are looking for individuals who are not already widely recognized. Telling their stories will highlight different types of social innovation in the second half of life, and we hope that this will inspire others to follow similar pathways towards an encore career.
Q: Will you consider a nominee working on issues outside of Broward County? 
A: Yes, as long as there is significant impact in Broward as this is a local prize. Some international projects may have great impact on Broward, and this will be taken into account.
Q: Are elected officials ineligible for the Awards?
A: Yes.  Elected officials who are currently serving the public are NOT eligible for the Awards.  
Q:  What if they are former elected officials?  
A:  Former elected officials, including those who may continue to carry a title for their public service yet are no longer serving in an official capacity, may be nominated.

Q:  What if they are former Community Foundation of Broward staff member, board member, selection panel member or relative of such a person?  
Like former elected officials, former Community Foundation of Broward Board members, former prize Selection Panel members, former staff and their relatives may be nominated.
Q: What if I wanted to nominate an organization? 
A: The For Good Awards honor the efforts of individuals, not organizations. In the case where an individual has made impact in an organization, you would nominate them personally and identify the specific efforts of that individual in the issue or organization. 
Q: Can I the nominate someone whose impact is something other than providing a social service? 
A: Yes.  We are looking for people who are making important change in many different ways -- providing a service for an unmet need, engaging people at all ages in the responsibilities of citizenship or preserving the environment.  We welcome submissions for people tackling big problems...whatever they may be. 
Q: Will you consider a nominee who has not started a new organization?
A: Yes. We strongly encourage nominations for people who are using innovative approaches to solutions. They may have transformed an existing program or introduced a new solution.  Simply applying strong management skills to improve the performance of an organization is not sufficient to be selected for the Awards.  
Q: Is there value in describing a nominee's work with more than one organization or cause?
A: Given the limited space it is best to focus the nomination on one project.  
Q: In the Beginning section, what are you looking for?
A: We are interested in the condition of the nominee before they started working on this issue and how they became involved. Was it a life changing event, an insight or a slow realization that compelled or inspired them to be involved?  
Q: In the Big Idea section, what are you looking for?
A: What were the societal conditions and challenges when the nominee stepped up to the issue? What Big Idea, solution or change did he/she implement? Was this a gap in the community or was the existing solution ineffective?  Why is this solution different from what had been tried before?
Q: Are there types of innovation that cannot be considered for The Awards? 
A:  Applauding an invention or creation, on its own, is not the goal of these Awards. We seek something created by people who live in Broward, that help residents in Broward and impacts the community of Broward.  Due to our limitations, we are unable to evaluate scientific or technological inventions on their own merit, although we recognize that these can be important social innovations. Therefore, if nominating an inventor, the nominator would need to describe how the invention has resulted in a measurable social impact.  Similarly, an academic researcher or artist would need to demonstrate the need and the impact of his/her work. 
Q: How will impact be evaluated? 
A: Impact means that the nominee's work has provided solutions to the issues he or she is addressing.  For example, if the work seeks to increase literacy in low-income neighborhoods, tell us about improved performance by students in schools or increased employment or wage earnings in that neighborhood.  If the work addresses healthcare, share statistics that describe what has changed or will change in the future. Why is the issue at a hospital now being handled differently and more effectively as a result of the nominee’s intervention?
Q: In the Person section, what are you looking for?
A: We seek Award winners who have taken a leadership role in their issue or solution. What characteristics are special about this nominee and why were they poised to forward this work? We also hope to get to know them, if possible, through the nominator’s eyes.
Q: In the Future section, what are you looking for?
A: We are interested in the nominee’s plans with regards to this effort during the next 3-5 years. Is this individual currently expanding or narrowing their efforts? Are they finding a successor to move the effort forward? Are they merging with a like-minded partner-organization? We seek efforts that are sustainable and expandable in other situations. We want to hear what plans have been made in this direction or how, given the right environment, these efforts can grow.

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Broward County Inspiring Philanthropy over 25 years