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Annual Report 2011 - One Fund Reflects One Passion: Annette Van Howe


In 1941, Annette Van Howe circled a Chicago meat packing plant by herself for days in protest of unequal pay for women. What do such actions taken by someone 70 years ago and more than 1,000 miles away mean? To the Community Foundation of Broward, it’s the birth of donor intent – the first brushstrokes in a portrait of the unique approaches and causes important to a Fundholder.
Knowing her passion for woman’s rights, more than three generations later the staff at the Community Foundation of Broward saw an opportunity, Annette would have jumped at. In 2011, the Annette Van Howe Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward supported the building of Women in Distress’ 100 bed, 24-hour emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children.
What started as a suggestion from her financial advisor, Christine Lambertus, Esq., to try the Community Foundation with a small Fund supporting women eventually grew with Annette’s confidence in the Foundation’s ability to fulfill her philanthropic goals.
Back in 1941, Annette’s stand finally paid off when the owners of that Chicago factory relented and the women working there won representation and higher pay. Annette would be proud that through the expertise of the Foundation’s staff the Van Howe name is again standing up for hundreds of women. Even though she is no longer with us she continues to help provide victims of abuse with safe haven and the resources to break away from damaging environments.
Broward County Inspiring Philanthropy over 25 years